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At home, and around the world, our name means fruit. The team at NFA International reaches out to premier worldwide exporters looking for partnerships that are mutually beneficial. For more than a decade we have been pioneers in bringing the world’s finest fruit to India’s marketplace.

Our success has led to partnerships with Washington Apples, USA Pears, China Fuji apples along with Australian Grapes and Oranges to name but a few of our international partners. These well-established brands are highly prized in India and our distribution network covers the scope of our country.

We are always looking to develop partnerships that benefit the exporter as well as our customers. If you have an interest in expanding your market into Asia (especially India) we can help. This is particularly true if you have little or no market share in the region. Our distribution network combined with a substantial client base may make a partnership in our region something worth pursuing.

For more information on the potential of expansion into India please get in touch by email - nfa@nfa.in. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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